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About Us

Sedona specializes in unique and traditional Workforce Management Solutions and is headquartered in Moline, IL with 34 branches nationwide.  In a $120 billion dollar staffing industry where the top 10 account for just 21% of the market, Sedona ranks number 106 out of 9,500 industry providers.

Through partner owned and corporate branches, Sedona offers an autonomous and responsive culture where clients deal directly with decision makers unified by a passion for people.  Our capabilities cover large company support and expertise combined with creative and effective customized solutions.

Privately owned and operated, the organization has grown 'organically' in response to client needs.  Where clients have requested services instead of human resources, we have hired the people and developed the capabilities, systems, and software to deliver those services according to their particular needs.

Mission Statement:
Our commitment is to create a quality environment where people can become more autonomous, self reliant, and more competent.  In this environment, they can specialize, hone their skills, and discover their distinctiveness.

Our Vision:
Our focus on quality enhances customer satisfaction and continually improves overall performance. Sedona's quality management system is audited frequently to ensure compliance. Our quality management system ensures consistency in delivering complete customer satisfaction in the area of Total Workforce Management. The Sedona Group has always been committed to superior customer service and our compliance to ISO 9001:2000 demonstrates the sincerity of this commitment.

Celebrating 30 years of service between 1986 and 2016